YouTube Star Breaks A Ferrari. Has Massive Oh Shit Moment.

Here’s a bit of a secret that’s really not a secret at all. When you’re in the automotive industry companies, people, small shops, friends, loved ones, and the occasional enemy might give you a car to drive. Sometimes it’s for a week, like most of our reviews are. Somtimes it’s only for a few laps on a track or a few hours on the street. When your a YouTuber, you get these offers more than anyone so that you can showcase them on your YT channel.


Take automotive YouTuber, Marchettino. At more than 335,ooo followers, he’s one of the more well known personalities in the online automotive world. If you haven’t heard of him, well then you’ll know his name forever after you see this. Marchettino has driven a seemingly endless array of amazing cars from Zondas to McLarens. In this case, he was given the keys to a custom Ferrari 458 Speciale from shop R3 Wheels.

Well the drive started out smoothly until about 5 seconds into it, disaster.

The owner seemed SUPER cool about this and that just shows the character of most of these guys and the shops that give these cars to people to drive. They know the risks. Luckily this wasn’t a total loss and it can be fixed. I don’t want to know what the ungodly amount of expense would be though. This just shows you that you should always check your latches before setting off.

(Source: YouTube)


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