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New Top Gear’s Chris Evans Is Worse Than Expected. Makes Producer Cry.

Maybe some time soon we’ll get news about new Top Gear that isn’t horribly depressing or, you know, bad. That day is not today folks as there is yet ANOTHER report out of the Top Gear camp that Evans diva attitude is carrying over into the workspace.

And it’s not like this is anything new. He’s had multiple reports against him in just the past two months saying that he’s a terror. This time around it’s about a conflict of interest. Since Evans started on Top Gear he’s refused to relinquish his spot on BBC radio. It’s leading to some pretty unfavorable news.

2016 Winter TCA Tour - Day 4

TOP Gear host Chris Evans has been labelled more volatile than predecessor Jeremy Clarkson.

Evans, 50, has upset staff at BBC Radio 2 as he struggles to balance his TV role with his hit breakfast show.

And The Sun can reveal his radio backroom team are becoming increasingly concerned about his outbursts and diva-style behaviour.

According to a Beeb insider one recent incident saw Evans “shout so viciously that the producer was reduced to tears and an engineer had to tell him to stop.”

That’s not a good look. IT all boils down to Evans being stretched too thin. But this begs the question of why even keep going on radio at that point? You’ve landed a dream job as the new face of arguably the biggest and most popular show on the planet. Why even have a side gig anymore?

All we know is that the bad news keeps on coming, and we can’t wait to see what kind of train wreck this turns out to be.

(Source: The Sun)


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