Bear Sits On Porsche

A lot of things can ruin a car guy’s day. It can be as small as a person going 5 mph under the speed limit in the fast lane, or a vehicle who can’t respect the lines in the parking lot. Finding a new scratch or new ding, or accidentally getting curb rash on your wheels, regardless of how careful you were, will certainly ruin a car guy’s day. We can now add one more thing that can ruin your day: a black bear sitting on the hood of your car for no reason at all, other than being a douche bear.

The blurry pictures show a black bear just chilling on the hood of a first generation Porsche Boxster. Judging from the relative size, this bear must have weighed about 300-400 pounds. That’s a fairly abnormal amount of weight loading up the front axles of the rear-wheel drive mid-engined two seater sports car.

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What would make a bear sit on a Porsche is beyond us. Perhaps it was the low slung hood resembling a bear mattress, or maybe it was the metal surface cooled by the spring air, or maybe it was just right.

Two Bears and a Porsche

In case you were wondering, this photo was taken in northern New Jersey, not far away from where this video was taken:



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