The McLaren 675LT Reviewed In Glorious 4K

McLaren Automotive, the British supercar company has been on a roll releasing a new model every year and cementing itself as a proper and legitimate supercar company. The McLaren 675LT is just another example of the British company’s magnificent automotive engineering. Based on the McLaren 650S, the 675LT is a major rework that’s been made a lot lighter and more aggressive, with lots of upgrades that prioritize performance and efficiency over anything else.

Only a small number of people have the opportunity to drive it, while the rest of us can only stare at it with great envy and admiration. Luckily for all of us, someone has filmed a road test review in glorious 4K. So whip out the popcorn and check out the video detailing the technical wonders found in the 675LT below:


(Source: Youtube)


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