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Clarkson, Hammond, And May Have FINALLY Named Their Show. And The Verdict Is…

11th gear! Because our transmissions go to 11.

Actually, that’s a big joke. But there IS a name for the show finally. It will be called “The Grand Tour” or as Clarkson put it on Twitter. GT for short. They put up a short clip with some other names on their newly minted Facebook page, which can be found right here.

This comes after many moons of speculation and other attempts at coming up with a name, both seriously and also in a more distracted manner. Either way, we love the new name and fully support them not using Shifting Lanes. We’re kind of partial to that one. Though we totally would have sold it to them for eleventy billion dollars. Oh well. We’ll just keep cranking out the good stuff and keeping you updated on their new shenanigans.

There are other clues we can take away from this announcement. According to Clarkson’s Twitter post, this will be a traveling show, short of like their stadium tour, but it sound more to be like a pop up automotive circus the way he talked about it.


The reasoning behind the name not being Gear Knobs was because of legal issues with any name containing the word “Gear” because of their obvious previous employeer. The BBC also owns the right to the Cool Wall, The Stig, and the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment so this is probably why they have completely ditched the studio format they used on Top Gear.

No matter what this turns into, we’re pretty excited for new episodes with the gang back together.

(Source: Facebook)


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