Gumpert Apollo Is The First Casualty Of Gumball 3000. Incites Internet Rage Fest.

Gumball 3000 is underway and every year there seems to be an accident or 30 during the rally. It just happens. Million dollar hyper cars going crazy fast in a straight line with non-professional drivers at the helm just begs for disaster, especially when there are hundreds of them doing it.

Largely, everything goes according to plan, but there are exceptions. This year’s first victim is a rare Gumpert Apollo which seems to have slid from the road and into a bunch of trees after a short trip over some wet grass. The car looks to be intact, but there is damage to the rear and it will likely be costly. Here are come pictures from the scene.

gumper apollo gumball 3000 crash

And here’s the recovery with a few stalls by the towing crew (cringe).

What this did was set of a bit of a chain reaction on the internet with new Top Gear presenter Chris Harris tweeting the following.


A few Gumballers, which included the likes of Rap star Bun B, did not take this well and proceeded to tell Harris off immediately.


Not sure we agree with Harris here as Gumball seems to be a pretty good time and the camaraderie looks to be pretty great, regardless of who is running the rally. I’m pretty sure it’s on the official Shifting Lanes bucket list now. But be on the lookout for more carnage as there are sure to be more crashes from this installment of Gumball. Poor Apollo…

(Source: Twitter and YouTube)


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