Public Service Announcement: STOP DRIVING THROUGH FLOODS!

Seriously people. Just stop it. It’s dangerous. After this guy did it and got away with it in his Lamborghini Gallardo, we went searching for another example that shows just how dangerous this can be.

Well here you go. We found one. And this isn’t some low to the ground supercar that would get swept away by a light breeze. No. This is a big ass truck that you’d think can take on anything. It’s a Chevrolet Avalanche and has a pretty fair amount of ground clearance. You’d probably think this can take on a flood, no sweat.

You’d be wrong.

People, please, for the love of all the car gods, STOP DRIVING THROUGH FLOODS. It’s not worth it and you’re likely to kill your car. just find a way around or wait it out.

(Source: YouTube)


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