Jeremy Clarkson’s Facebook Adventure Leads To Clues

If you haven’t been paying attention, Jeremy Clarkson has discovered Facebook and he’s been using it like a champ. He’s provided us with status updates, cool pictures, dull band videos, and he’s even done a Q&A session to his followers. Amongst the ridiculous responses that you have expected from Jezza, there are some bits of news gold and details about the upcoming Amazon Prime car show, which he’s not yet come up with a name yet. Here are some of the best tidbits:

  1. There WILL be a Ford Focus RS on the show! One of the latest photos he took is of a Ford Focus RS that’s been equipped with enough cameras to put Top Gear cinematographers to shame. Behind the RS is a Ford Mustang, presumably of the GT variety. Clarkson has titled the pic post with “Coming soon to an Amazon Prime near you.” We can’t tell where this photo was taken but the cars are right hand drive and the climate looks to be of the arid variety. clarkson amazon prime ford focus rs and mustang
  2. They filmed in Portugal. Within the comments of the picture someone had invited the CHM bunch to go and film in Portugal for the new car show. Jeremy responded and confirmed that “The very first thing we filmed was in Portugal.”
  3. There will be International Specials. When asked whether they will do specials like the old Top Gear, Clarkson confirmed: “Yup. We set off next week. Location is secret as before.”
  4. The new show will not be called Overdrive or anything with the word Gear in it. This was confirmed previously on Twitter that the new show cannot have the word Gear in the title. As to the name ‘Overdrive’, Clarkson simply replied: “Can’t.”
  5. The new show may film in United Arab Emirates. Clarkson confirmed “Later this year” that he will visit UAE. In what capacity exactly is unknown.

jeremy clarkson facebookClarkson seems to be doing a very good job of keeping a tight lip on stuff Amazon does not want to release. Then there were other questions that revealed more about Clarkson himself:

LH: If you were stuck on a desert island with James May and Richard Hammond, which one would be killed first?

Clarkson: If this is fuck, marry, I’d kill myself.

ST: Which was your best moment from Top Gear?

Clarkson: Cameron Diaz hugged me.

JKL: Is there any chance you can get James to try out one of those water jet pack thingys in the new show?

Clarkson: He declined. Would you like to see him do knitting? He’s good at that.

MI: Best car you have ever driven?

Clarkson: LFA

DP: Favorite current F1 driver?

Clarkson: Kimi

AB: What is a ‘fracas’

Clarkson: It’s like a cheese thing

OT: Arsenal or Spurs?

Clarkson: Chelsea

JT: What car do you wish you’d never sold?

Clarkson: A BMW 3.0 CSL

RJ: Why do you have an asymmetric face?

Clarkson: Everyone who’s driven a GTR has one.

As usual, his ridiculous nature still seeps even through a medium like Facebook. If you haven’t seen it yet, we suggest you check out what James May has to say about the trio in the Reddit AMA. All of us at can’t wait until Clarkson, Hammond, and May start the Amazon Prime show. We suggest everyone renew their subscription now, or before the show starts back up in the Fall of 2016. Until then, I guess we’ll be watching the new Top Gear and Top Gear USA to fill the void.


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