TVR’s Return

The return of the TVR is not through loud music or flashy cinematography, rather its via a silent youtube film of artists taping up a wall. The finished tape artwork displays a grayscale brief synopsis of TVR’s history, showing the past, the present, and the future of TVR cars. The past and present being the classic and latest version of the TVR Tuscan, while the future car is expected to be the new TVR Griffith. The front fascia of the new car pays homage to previous TVRs via its perforated mesh grill, and the shadowed headlights suggest it’s either recessed or it’s blacked out like the TVR Sagaris.

tvr return

The car is expected to come out in late 2017 and according to Autocar almost 400 deposits have already been taken. The car is expected to be powered with a Cosworth V8 pumping out a naturally aspirated 400 brake horsepower, which TVR claims will shuttle the new Griffith from 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds. This blazingly quick time can only be explained by the insane power to weight ratio achieved by the carbon fiber manufacturing process called, iStream Carbon.

Gordon Murray, a designer of Formula One race cars and the McLaren F1 car, developed the new manufacturing process which bonds carbon fiber panels to a tubular steel frame. This process can strengthen a car’s structure without gaining much weight. The expected weight of the new Griffith, or whatever it will be called, is 1150 kg, or just a little over 2500 lbs.

Head over to Youtube to check out the video. Below are some stills showing the painstaking work these artists have gone through to create such a moving artwork.

tvr return - 1 tvr return - 2 tvr return - 3 tvr return - 4 tvr return - 5


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