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VIDEO: Clarkson And Hammond Testing Some Fords

Remember the Ford Focus RS and the Ford Mustang hanging out posted by Jeremy Clarkson? The Sun have captured exclusive video of Clarkson and Hammond filming those two exact cars, and it seems like the two are having loads of fun with it. There’s no audio captured but Hammond is presumably defending his old favorite, the Ford Mustang, as seen via his grandiose gesturing, and Jeremy Clarkson is probably mocking the Hamster and suggesting his Focus RS is better.mustang-focus-rs-hammond-clarkson mustang-hammond-amazon-prime mustang-amazon-prime-burnoutThe video also shows GRATUITOUS burnouts produced from the Mustang, generating enough smoke to completely engulf the Focus RS sitting downwind. The crew looked like they were filming on some sort of an airstrip, which provided plenty of room for their quarter mile drag race between the Ford vehicles. The Focus RS had a brilliant start during the drag race, which is expected from the godlike grip of the All-Wheel Drive system. However, the Mustang quickly catches up midway thanks to having more horsepower on tap.

We can’t wait until the The Grand Tour debuts in the fall of 2016. Based on this spy video it looks like the Amazon production crew is well equipped and prepared to produce high quality content viewers have come to expect. If you want more details on how to watch The Grand Tour you can click here and subscribe.

(Source: The Sun)


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