Here’s The Brand New Bugatti Chiron In Excruciating Detail Including Its Insane Exhaust Noise

YouTube sensation SaabKyle04 is known for his in-depth reviews on any an all cars. His channel has nearly 1 million subscribers and the vast majority of what he shows the world are technical and detail specifics of each car he’s reviewing that day. But this channel is unlike any others as he goes into the minutia of everything and if you’re ever looking to purchase a car, his channel should be stop #1 when attempting to obtain information about the car.

Usually Kyle will go over 0-60 times, MPGs, and the usual stuff anyone can get from a typical google search, but he takes it a step further talking about each car’s driving dynamics, his reactions and thoughts, as well as performance data, customization options, design concepts and where they came from, and a ton more that I can’t even think of.

And Bugatti just gave him a Chiron to pour over. The guy is living the dream. Here’s nearly 30 minutes of what promises to be one of the most sought after cars ever made and everything you could ever want to know about it. Watch and enjoy.

(Source: YouTube)


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