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Eddie Jordan Thinks New Top Gear Will Be More Successful Than It Was With Clarkson, Hammond, And May.

Here’s something that guaranteed to piss off the Clarkson, Hammond, and May fans out there.

Eddie Jordan is an interesting character, but he seems to be someone that isn’t entirely necessary to the new Chris Evans led Top Gear. What he brings to the table isn’t anything any of the other presenters can’t do on their own. His contributions to the new show haven’t be up to snuff and have left us confused and wanting more. But he’s hitting back at critics in a new interview with the Daily Mirror (report by the Evening Standard) as he talks about the new show when compared to the old one.

Join me in reading this and scratching our collective heads.

Top Gear host Eddie Jordan has hit back at critics bemoaning the loss of Jeremy Clarkson from the BBC motoring show saying the presenter is “past it”.

Jordan, 68, said the Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May fronted show had “run out of juice” and claimed the revamped series will be “more successful”.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror he said: “I know and like Jeremy Clarkson – I’m a big fan of what he did in the past but I have to be honest and tell it like it is.

“Jeremy and the other guys had a very successful past but the point is – it is in the past and Jeremy is past it when it comes to Top Gear. His time has come and gone.”

But wait, there’s more insanity. It gets way worse.

“There has been too much time spent focusing on them – but it was a very different show then.

“I personally felt the old show had run out of juice and our version is much, much better and will ultimately be more successful.”

The Formula 1 pundit said he will not pay to watch Clarkson’s new series, The Grand Tour, when it debuts on Amazon Prime later this year.

“I’m pretty certain the other fellas will be watching our show – but I won’t be paying to watch their new show,” he said.

I mean he’s essentially saying that you shouldn’t pay to watch The Grand Tour. But wait! Our UK friends DO have to pay to watch Top Gear in the first place as the BBC charges all residents a licensing fee just to watch. In fact between 2014-2015 the the BBC made over 3.3 billion GB Pounds in fees. So Jordan saying he won’t pay to watch is forgetting the the entirety of the UK that wants to watch has already done so.

He also thinks that Evans and Leblanc have done a bang up job this far.

Jordan also told viewers to have patience and give Chris Evans a “fair” chance after he was accused of being “too shouty” and lacking chemistry with co-host Matt LeBlanc.

“Chris and Matt are brilliant at what they do – they are very dynamic together. I don’t think it was planned to pair them – but I believe it has worked out brilliantly,” Jordan said.

“Chris has done a brilliant job in difficult circumstances.”

Jordan said Evans needs to “become more arrogant” and believe that his version “will be a must-watch show.”

Yea, going to go ahead and disagree with you there Edward. The show has promise with Chris Harris and Rory Reid, but Jordan is out of place here and totally incorrect in my honest opinion. He should be the first one sacked if it boils down to that. He’s pretty pointless on this show.

(Source: Evening Standard)


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