Guy Tries To Be James Bond And Escape Cops With Smoke Screen And Tire Popping Jacks

Of all the bonehead moves one can make in this life, running from the cops is up in the top 5. Some people, however, take it to an entirely new level.

Take this guy in Lithuania for example. After being asked to pull over by the quite obvious flashing lights and siren, this motorist went all James Bond and had a few tricks up his sleeve. Best part is that this is a Volvo. You may expect this from an Aston Martin or something more exotic, but no. It’s a Volvo. And not even a sedan. It’s an XC 90.

Watch and laugh at this pitiful attempt to get away.

Unreal. Here’s the description from the video.

A dramatic video released by Lithuanian police on June 11 shows a Volvo driver leading them on a high-speed chase on rural roads two days before, creating a smokescreen with their car’s exhaust, and throwing spikes to try to slow down the pursuing police vehicle. Police said the chase took place near the city of Marijampolė, and that the driver had put the police officers’ lives at risk.

Only one word for this motorist…

(Source: YouTube)


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