Another Unicorn Bites The Dust. 1 of 1 Pagani Huayra Crashes In Paris.

First the Koenigsegg One:1 at the ring yesterday, now this? I can’t take it. I love that these cars are being driven and they’re not taking up space and collecting dust in some rich guy’s underground garage, but come on people, be more careful! Of course, not all crashes are people’s fault so this is hard to judge, I just hate losing such incredible cars like this.

According to pictures from the scene, a 1 of 1, bespoke, Pagani Huayra was wrecked on the streets of Paris. This is the “Pearl” edition of the Huayra and it’s a DOOZY of a crash. This is the only Huayra Pearl in existence, soooooo it’s going to cost several arms and legs to fix. There’s also the potential to build a new one, but we’re undertain at this time if this is a total loss or salvageable. From the pictures, it’s not looking good.


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A photo posted by @infaustus_vid.da on

#crash #paganizonda #huayrapearl #uam #paris #huayra

A photo posted by @infaustus_vid.da on

#huayra #paris #uam #huayrapearl #paganizonda #crash #rip

A photo posted by @infaustus_vid.da on

Here’s what we know according to Car Throttle:

Little is known about the accident, other than that it took place on Tuesday in Paris, where the Pearl had been prowling around getting papped by supercar spotters over the preceding days. The driver – presumably the car’s super-rich Saudi owner – apparently lost the back end and smacked the Huayra into a tree, ripping off the left rear wheel and much of the rear quarter.

It’s never been public how much this car costs, but I’m going to estimate north of $3 million. Ugh. That’s going to be on hell of an insurance claim.

(Sources: Instagram and Car Throttle)


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