Mother Jailed After Putting Her Two Kids In The Trunk Of A Corvette

People, the Corvette is a 2-seat car. Apparently, one mom tried to make it a family transport vehicle recently as she hopped in shotgun and stuffed her two kids in the back for what we only imagine was a terrifying and horrid ride.

29-year-old Jessica Reger from York County Pennsylvania decided it’d be a good idea to go for a ride in her friend’s corvette. It apparently dawned on her that it would be a good idea to take her two kids along for the ride, but seeing that a Corvette is a 2-seat car, shoved them in the trunk and closed the lid. A witness to this event called the cops and the rest is child endangerment history.

And smiling ear to ear? Yup, also has multiple felonies on her record already. You’d think she’d be locked away for good by now. Sigh. These people still exist. Poor unsuspecting Corvette, no one wanted this for you. And poor kids too. Now scared for life and likely won’t become gearheads after that traumatic experience.

When I was a kid, riding in the trunk of a Volvo wagon or similar car was a treat and seat belts were pretty much not something you’d wear on the regular. With many new laws and safety features (thankfully) those days are over. People, don’t throw your kids in the trunk of a ‘vette. Bad call.

(Source: YouTube)


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