Do it in A Datsun

When the Datsun 240z first came to American shores its stunned the car world. The beautiful 240Z combined the reliability of a Japanese car with performance that could match the German competition. Today the 240Z is quickly becoming one of the most sought after classic cars from 1970s as its timeless looks and endless performance potential makes it the perfect car to restore.

One such restoration project belongs to Dave Scholz, a 240Z owner who was featured on Petrolicious. Dave’s 240Z is the perfect example of how to tastefully restore a classic Japanese sports car. To start the styling is very clean and has a period correct vintage feel of a road racing car for the street. Dave’s 240Z is powered by a Robello Racing engine, which puts out 300 horsepower and loves to rev. This engine still retains carburetors and fits the character of this vintage road racer keeping true to the original straight 6 layout. To complete his restoration a revised suspension setup, wheels and tires, and a center exhaust that shoots flames are part of Dave’s 240Z build. This sweet little 240Z is a beautiful example of what a well thought out restoration can accomplish.


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