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Top Gear’s Rory Reid Opens Up In An Awkward Interview

Our friends over at Carthrottle has a way of making things super weird. Whether it is driving the all new Bugatti Chiron or interviewing new Top Gear’s Rory Reid, they can always crank up the discomfort. In this one-on-one interview Rory Reid opens up about the Top Gear audition process and the steps on winning out over the rest. Carthrottle’s Alex Kersten puts the Top Gear host through a slew of personal questions and excruciatingly weird challenges like cracker eating and arm-wrestling. We catch a glimpse of what the relationship is like with the rest of the Top Gear crew as they play Snog, Marry, Avoid.

Despite having a Top Gear host, we think some of our followers will agree that this interview is better than the new Top Gear in its entirety.

(Source: Carthrottle)


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