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Rapper Wants To Lead Top Gear

Maxwell Ansah, a British rapper and actor known as Lethal Bizzle, has claimed that the BBC approached him once before to audition for a Top Gear presenter spot. Now that Chris Evans has stepped down amid terrible ratings and a possible sexual assault investigation, Lethal Bizzle has come forward wanting the top spot. Speaking to the Daily Star, Lethal Bizzle stated:

They did contact me and asked me to try out for the gig but I thought they wouldn’t take me seriously.

I should have gone to the audition but I didn’t and after that they gave Chris the job.

Now ratings keep going down I may be in luck.

The 31 year old rapper known for hits like “Pow!” and “Fester Skank” is also known for loving fast cars. He was approached in the Spring of 2015 shortly after Jeremy Clarkson was fired by the BBC for punching a producer. When asked about the rebooted Top Gear show:

No one really likes change, I think they did an OK job but I would have been an better presenter than Chris Evans.

I get that they have revamped it but I am still very supportive of Clarkson and the lads.

The show did need a transformation though but I’m not sure it worked.

The first few episode you could really tell Chris wasn’t used to it, the thing is you have got to have bants – it’s a car show but it needs bants.

He just needed to get the balance right, he was too shouty, it was a bit weird.

Seems like he shares the same sentiment as most viewers in that Chris Evans was too “shouty” and was not really fit for television. In terms of general banter, the new Top Gear didn’t have the same back and forth chemistry that the previous trio, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond had. This could potentially be the result of the totally new crew or perhaps the fact that the presenters were unhappy with the show’s lone writer.

It’s unlikely that he will get the spot on Top Gear as the BBC has said they do not intend on back filling Chris Evans spot, and additionally, Chris Evans has also expressed who he should be replaced with in his column. But with awful ratings generated over six episodes, anything is worth a shot if the BBC wants to save the automotive show that was the most popular thing on television. We’re also betting that they’re threatened by the behemoth show called The Grand Tour coming out in the Fall 2016, as they are taking steps to stay competitive.

(Source: Daily Star)


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