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Google Has No Idea Who Is Presenting Top Gear

So news about Top Gear, which is currently on hiatus while they regroup from the Chris Evans exit, and The Grand Tour, which is set to premier in October, is pretty scarce these days. Once both shows get rolling again, I have no doubt we’ll be bringing you reviews of each episode, reactions from the industry, and probably ponderings from Clarkson’s twitter feed. Until then, there’s nothing really fun out there to find. Or is there.

Whilst browsing google last night for car news, I randomly happened to search “Top Gear” to see if there was anything new. I knew there wouldn’t be, but this popped up and it’s legitimately mind boggling.

top gear google is wrong

That is a direct screen grab from the Google search. While it does say in the introductory blurb that Clarkson, Hammond, and May left the show, it says they still present it further down. Not only that, but it also still has a picture of Chris Evans up top, and still says that Chris Evans is part of the show in the blurb. Evans left nearly two months ago. So who is in charge of the updating of things over at Google, because they should probably get on this a bit better.

Go home google, you’re drunk. Let’s all remember a better Top Gear time before The Grand Tour hits in October, shall we?


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