V8 + BMW 2 Series – Lots Of Weight = 820 HP Drift Monster

The BMW 2 series is a foundation for a great race car, it’s small, lighter weight, and capable of putting down some decent power while offering excellent handling. We got the opportunity to drive the M2 and have unanimously agreed that the 2 series platform is something truly special and will leave a positive impression for many drivers for many years; just like how the E30 M3 has done for so many decades. So you shouldn’t be a surprised to find versions of the 2 series to be completely gutted, revamped, and morphed into purpose-built machines at your next Cars & Coffee, drift event, etc.

HGK Motorsport, a Latvian racing tuner company, just raised the bar with how crazy 2 series tuning can be with their F22 Eurofighter. The little BMW has been completely gutted to its bare chassis and rebuilt with some choice parts like a LS motor V8 engine from General Motors, a full roll cage, gigantic brakes, topped off with a complete carbon/Kevlar body kit. Here are the rest of the specs according to SpeedHunters:

Max Power: 820hp, Max Torque: 920Nm, Rev Limit: 8000rpm, Weight: 1200kg/2645lb

BMW F22 (2 Series coupe), Formula Drift-spec cage, fully stitch-welded chassis, custom front/rear crash bars

Mast Motorsports V8 RHS466, 4.155-inch bore, 4.250-inch stroke, 11.6:1 compression ratio, Callies Magnum crankshaft, Billet 6.460-inch rods, HGK-spec Diamond pistons with Total Seal AP steel rings, H13 Tool steel wrist pins, Low Lash solid roller .757-inch lift, Crower solid roller lifters, PSI Max Life valve springs, Xceldyne titanium intake valves, valve spring retainers & valve locks, billet dual roller timing chain, Jesel rocker arms, 305cc LS7 heads, Dailey dry sump with air separator, 48mm 4-to-1 stainless headers, 89mm titanium exhaust, rear-mounted twin-core dual-pass radiator, electric water pump & auxiliary water pump, racing steering & engine oil radiators, Merin FIA-approved 40L fuel cell with internal lift pump system, Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, pre & post fuel filter & fuel regulator, lightweight aluminium fuel hard lines with aluminium fittings, MoTeC M130 ECU, MoTeC PDM30 distribution module, WR-Tec mil-spec wiring harness

Samsonas 5-speed sequential transmission, Winters quick-change differential, The Driveshaft Shop driveshaft & pro-level axles

Nitron 3-way adjustable front & rear coilovers, HGK CNC top mounts, front & rear Wisefab knuckles & arms

Brakes:FWilwood 6-piston calipers with 11.75×1.25-inch Wilwood rotors (front), Wilwood 4-piston calipers with 12.0×0.35-inch drilled Wilwood rotors (rear), HGK CNC machined aluminum center bells & adapters, HGK hydrolic e-brake w/AP Racing cylinder

Work Wheels CR2P 18×8.5-inch (front) 18×10-inch (rear), 235/40R18 (front) 265/35R18 (rear) tyres

Complete carbon/Kevlar HGK Eurofighter bodykit, carbon roof, carbon/Kevlar doors, custom removable front windows, Plastics 4 Performance polycarbonate anti-fog front & rear windows

OMP seats, TRS 6-point seat belts, OMP steering wheel, part-flocked carbon fibre dash, AEM 7-inch color display, floor-mounted Tilton adjustable pedal assembly, HGK CNC adjustable steering column

Yes, 820 horsepower sent to the rear wheels of this little 2 series platform is a lot, but you need all that excess horsepower to overcome traction and perform drift-tastic moves like in the video below:


(Source: YouTube & SpeedHunters)


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