You Can Get A Brand New Z/28 Camaro For WAY Below Base Price Right Now

The Shelby GT350R is undoubtably one of the greatest muscle cars ever made, but today you still cannot get one without paying ridiculous dealership scalping fees. Lucky for us, the GT350R isn’t the only high performance trackable muscle car you can buy new. The Camaro Z/28 elevated Muscle cars to full track car status when it was released, and today you can buy brand new 2015 for under its $75,00 MSRP. These “leftover” 2015 Z/28’s represent one of the greatest muscle car deals available in history, and a compelling alternative to the dealership up charged GT350Rs. When the Z/28 was released it offered an amazing performance value, but now that you can buy one under MSRP, it represents a Costco sized performance bargain.

When the Camaro Z/28 first hit the streets with its 7.0 liter V8, and 305 section front tires, it completely shocked the world with its ability to handle track time with ease. It elevated the Camaro to super sports car status, and quickly became a giant slayer, beating cars worth twice the price around race tracks across the globe. The Z/28 was the car to beat when Ford was designing the  GT350R, and was a serious challenge to top Chevy’s super Camaro. Although not many things can beat a high revving flat plane crank V8, the huge displacement and torque of the LS7 come very close.

To refresh your memory about the power and poise of the Z/28, Todd and Paul from Everyday Driver are hear to share their thoughts and driving experience.

Today you can find numerous Z/28 Camaro’s for almost $15,000 under MSRP as dealers are trying shed older models. Getting any new car under MSRP feels great, but buying one of the greatest Camaro’s in history for 20% off is astonishing. The whole world is so focused on the unbelievable GT350R, and rightly so but, the Z/28 is still an incredible performance car and deserves a second look now that prices have dropped. Sure the interior has aged poorly, and you can’t really see out of it, but this LS7 powered monster makes up for that with one of the greatest driving experiences available at the $60,000 price range.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 8.49.45 PM

Get on this deal now people. $20,000 off base MSRP is a stupidly good deal for one of the best performance bargains of all time.


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