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The Faces Behind Regular Car Reviews

Regular Car Reviews is one of the most popular car centric YouTube channels in history, but it wasn’t always this way. In a recent interview with Gears and Gasoline, Mr. Regular and Roman recount their paths that lead them to the creation of Regular Car Reviews, and their reasons for starting the channel. Mr. Regular is one of the more mysterious car reviewers as we never really see his face, expect for this interview and the Vagabond Falcon build, but his reasons are quite surprising.

In the beginning of his channel, when he made one video per year, he chose to hide his identity to protect his career prior to YouTube. As the hidden face became part of their shtick, in addition to the comedy and incredible songs, the channel started a new type of format that stuck out from the crowd.

The formation of the channel as a career started out of necessity, as finding jobs in his field was difficult for Mr. Regular, and his passion was making these,”DumbVideo About Cars”. So Mr. Regular began making these videos like its his job and rest is now history. Mr. Regular and Roman are both highly educated writers that met while pursuing their masters degrees in english. Their incredible writing skills and sense of humor, that stems from years of repression, combine to make this one of the most entertaining car review channels.


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