This NSX Has More Miles On It Than Most Daily Commuters

There is an outside chance this is the best example of an NSX ever made. It also might be the best looking as well.

According to the video description, this NSX is “the highly modified Clarion Builds 1991 Acura NSX.” It’s supercharged and looks superbly done. This might anger some of the purists as the old NSXs are gaining value rapidly and, when kept stock, get the most value. Some purists think that the original NSX should be unmolested. While sometimes true, you cannot argue that this car is absolutely stunning. Take a look.

Shot by our friend Andrew Maness the video is a gorgeous example of how empty roads and great camera work can make a car truly pop. You can find the build of this car right here.

In my honest opinion, this thing is staggeringly gorgeous and with 230,000 miles+ on it, is my dream. I hope to one day own a sports car like this and drive the living shit out of it. Granted this is an Acura and the legendary reliability of Honda is backing it all up, it’s still a massive achievement.

(Source: YouTube)


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