Gymkhana 9 Filming Has Begun In New York

If you haven’t seen Gymkhama 8, stop what you’re doing, click this link, and watch it.

Ken Block’s legendary series is coming up on it’s 9th installment and every time he seems to top the last with crazy stunts and even crazier car control. It seems like this installment will be filmed in upstate New York as a passerby happened upon a pretty insane looking photo shoot with a helicopter and Block standing on his car on a bridge.


Block is set to use an all new Ford Focus RS X for this installment and it’s surely going to be epic. According to the shapshot, the car is most certainly a Focus RS, but according to Carscoops, it seems to be the same one he’s using in the World Rallycross Championships.  Carscoops also mentioned in the article that this might not be a Gymkhana shoot at all and that it might be a sponsor shoot or even something for Block’s brand Hoonigan. We believe it’s the beginnings of the Gymkhana 9 shoot though. We’ve driven in upstate NY and the roads up there are absolutely tremendous and fairly empty. Of course they would close the roads for Block to go nuts on, but it’d be was less of a logistical nightmare than shutting down half of San Fran like he did on Gymkhana 5.

Time will tell, but if this is a Gymkhana shoot, we’re stoked to see what he’s come up with this time.

(Source: Instagram)


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