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BBC Is Cooking Something Up For Top Gear Series 24

Here’s a quick rundown of the new Top Gear debacle in case you’re not up to date:

Series 23 of Top Gear was quite different than the unfinished Series 22 with Jeremy Clarkson (fired for punching a producer), Richard Hammond, and James May (who both quit in solidarity). Not only did they have a fresh set of presenters (SIX people to replace the trio!) but they also gutted the Top Gear test track and several portions of the show. The rebooted Top Gear showcased their stuff across a very short six episodes, and all of them failed to captivate the attention of the viewers. The day after the last episode the new Top Gear frontman, Chris Evans, decided to step down and let Matt LeBlanc take the helm. In the meantime there has been some rumors and names thrown around as a potential to replace Evans, and even some British and American rappers who want to take the job.

Now we have heard news that at least one of those rumors might actually come true: James Martin, the popular Saturday Kitchen host, might actually get the go ahead to become Top Gear’s next presenter! Martin
 is a well known automotive enthusiast and have expressed big interest in cars, even more than cooking, ever since he was a young boy. According to The Mirror:

The self-confessed petrolhead will meet BBC execs next week about hosting the iconic car show, says a source

James is desperate for the job and was disappointed to be overlooked when the new team replaced Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond

“James’ nose was put out of joint when he didn’t get the Top Gear job last time around.

“He felt he was perfect for it and should have at least been considered.”

He has opened up about his love for cars in the past, probably as a method to plead for the Top Gear job:

james martin bwI have two passions, cars and cooking. I’ve been into cars ever since I was a small boy growing up in Yorkshire.

At first it was toy cars, but the bug really bit the first time I was ­allowed to drive the tractor on our farm. It was an old Massey Ferguson, one of those with a metal seat, and I must have been eight or nine.

After that there was no holding me back. I saved my pocket money and eventually had enough to buy an old Mini – £20 it cost. I was still too young to drive on the roads, so I painted some flames on the side and spent my time rallying it around the farm.

james martin ferrari 275 gtbc
Photo Source: Manchester Evening News

If you were curious whether he’s qualified for the job, he has amassed an impressive car collection thanks to his cooking skills and television charisma. Among the 20 cars in his stable, he has collected a Ferrari 275 GTB/C and even some Formula 1 cars.

We’re not sure whether James Martin will fit in well with the new set of Top Gear presenters, but there’s no where else for Top Gear to go but up. This latest news came just a week after Matt LeBlanc stated he was “not sure” whether he was coming back to Top Gear, to which the BBC quickly responded with giving him a massive pay increase for series 24. In the meantime, we are not sure who else from the current Top Gear presenter stable is returning, as some people have not even received contracts yet.

(Source: The Mirror)


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