How To Destroy An Aston Martin V12 Engine

Under the exotic DB9 Aston Martin sheetmetal, or any sports/super/hyper car for that matter, resides the same fundamental technology that has powered almost all cars for more than a century. That technology relies on many critical components to function properly, but one element is more critical than the rest, and that’s lubrication.

There’s plenty of metallic sliding components within an engine. In fact, the typical Otto and Diesel engine cycles rely on a ‘Sliding Crank’ mechanism for it to work. In order for an engine to work properly and provide an efficient combustion, its tolerances have to be tight to provide a proper seal while keeping the critical components sealed and lubricated for smooth operation. When an engine lacks oil or operates with contaminated oil, the sliding components encounter higher than normal frictional losses, robbing the vehicle of power and efficiency. Starve that engine of oil and the sliding components have a direct metal on metal contact leading to potential component marring, or in the case of this 2005 Aston Martin DB9, a complete meltdown of the pistons in the 6th and 12th cylinders.

This video shows an Aston Martin shop doing a complete teardown of the V12. The damage from oil starvation is catastrophic to say the least, with components of the piston, connecting rods, and rings being completely disintegrated and collecting in the oil pan. What’s even worse is that the DB9 was only 9,500 miles old at the time of this footage. Just let this be a reminder to us all that vehicle maintenance is the most important part of owning a vehicle. Take good care of your ride and it’ll take good care of you, no matter what it is that you’re driving.

Jump to the 7:00 minute mark to see the engine tear down:

(Source: Youtube)


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