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What’s It Like To Drive On The Old Top Gear Test Track?

The new Top Gear show is not like what it used to be. The hosts are a bit younger, the chemistry is missing, and the Top Gear test track, for better or worse, has been altered beyond recognition. A lot of good memories were made in Dunsfold Aerodrome, and a lot of records were set and beaten over and over again by many different stars in many different reasonably priced cars. We’ve seen plenty of closeup footage of the stars and plenty of edited footage of the major turns like Chicago, Hammerhead, and Gambon, however, we’ve never actually seen it from the perspective of the driver, outside of playing it in Gran Turismo.

Car Keys UK has just published a video of the OLD Top Gear experience, and they’ve shared that despite looking like a deserted runway, there’s plenty of activity in the Surrey location:

Clever camera angles and editing might make it look like the Top Gear team has it all to themselves when you watch it from the comfort of your home, but in person expect to be cut up by all manner of vans, cyclists and learner drivers performing sketchy three-point turns in the Aerodrome’s vicinity.

Beware the occasional plane which might attempt to land mid-lap, but on the whole the main thing you need to watch out for while you merge onto the track is the Stig ripping past on one of the blindingly quick hot laps members of the public can pay for.

(Source: Car Keys UK)


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