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Rory Reid And The Ariel Nomad Makes For An Entertaining Piece Of Film

Say what you will about the state of new Top Gear, there’s no denying that one of their new presenters, Rory Reid, has the skills to entertain. Looking at the new Top Gear trio, BBC now has the underpinnings of something that may become (keyword: MAY) better than old Top Gear. Matt LeBlanc offers a familiar American face with a broad appeal, Chris Harris offer spectacular driving skills and an encyclopedic knowledge of all things cars, while Rory Reid managed to thoroughly entertain me through this 8 minute film.

In Top Gear’s second online-only series, Mr. Reid took an Ariel Nomad through some gorgeous routes in Wales. The 235 bhp and 221 lb-ft of torque produced out of the Nomad’s Honda VTEC engine seemed perfect for thrashing about in the lush and snaking roads of Elan Valley. He then takes the very naked Nomad through muddy rally stages of the “Forest Experience Rally School,” as guided by David Higgins, a rally champion.

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The new series of New Top Gear starts out Sunday, March 5th. Will series 24 be any better than the dismal series 23, which only lasted for six measly episodes? Will not having Chris Evans at the helm make the show more tolerable? Is fewer presenters better than more presenters? Are Sabine Schmitz and absent-minded and spoon loving Eddie Jordan going to appear in any of the episodes? There’s just too many questions unanswered for this upcoming series. But the most important question of all is, will you be watching? Let us know below!

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