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Our Favorite OLD Top Gear Moments: #4 – Captain Slow Was Once The Fastest

If you’ve come to this page, or this website even, no doubt you are an automotive enthusiast. You are also likely a huge fan of Top Gear, just as we are. In it’s current form, Top Gear is not what it once was, though it’s showing promise for it’s second reboot season after trimming some of the unnecessary parts (coughCHRISEVANScough). It’s old Top Gear and soon to be The Grand Tour that really speaks to us in an automotive and entertainment way.

We’ve been counting down our favorite old Top Gear moments when Clarkson, Hammond, and May were the hosts and we’re all the way to #4. James May, as we all know, is called Captain Slow as he doesn’t particularly enjoy going fast and his sense of direction is suspect at best. But for one gleaming moment in time, James May was NOT slow. No, in fact he was fast. Really fast. So fast that he set a record.

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