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VIDEO: Kia’s Upcoming Sports Sedan Reveals That We Have A Lot To Be Excited For

Kia making a sports sedan isn’t a completely breaking news story. We’ve mentioned before that Kia has been setting their sights on BMW and Audi with their very own sports sedan. The project code named, “CK”, will most likely share the same powertrain as the ones used in the new Genesis brand’s G80 and G90 sedans. Given that their other teaser shows a 0-100 kph (0-62 mph) time of 5.1 seconds means that the new sports sedan will produce something between 300-350 horsepower, suggesting the engine could either be the Korean’s 311 horsepower 3.8 liter V6 or the 365 horsepower 3.3 liter V6 twin-turbo.

These numbers are nothing to write home about as almost every sports sedan out there, in their respective sportier trim, are generating these sort of performance figures. What will surely turn people’s heads is Kia’s latest teaser titled “The Silhouette”, where we get the best glimpse of what the upcoming Grand Tourer will look like, and it looks downright gorgeous.

From the beginning we’re teased with a Volkswagen CC-esque daytime running light formation followed by a Tesla Model S-like hatchback profile. The front of the new sports sedan feature hood vents similar to the Jaguar XK, while the tail light LED shape reminds you of the Dodge Challenger’s rear end. We don’t get a full glimpse of the entire car as this is totally just a teaser, but we see that the new Kia will have a powerful stance and presence as evidenced by the sports sedan visual cues. Come take a look for yourself and prepare for the unveiling in January 8th:

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