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Leaked Details About The Grand Tour Loch Ness Episode

It’s a bit early to get details on The Grand Tour’s episode airing on January 20th (two episodes away). However, we’ve come across some juicy details that we can’t help but share. According to The Press And Journal, they’ve got details about the show that has not been shared anywhere else. Even Amazon has not listed the show or its details on its own website. Just fair warning, there are SPOILERS below…

Italian Lessons

The 11th episode (or 10th episode if you go by Clarkson’s count) will be set in the Highlands, which finished their in-tent filming in December 2016. The episode will be titled “Italian Lessons” and according to The Press And Journal the show:

will feature the three presenters embarking on a challenge involving three used sports cars.

An Amazon description of the show said: “This week the Grand Tour tent is on the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland, from where Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May introduce their experiences of buying used Maseratis with their own money and then using them to tour the drizzle-flecked landscapes of the north of France.

“Along the way, they encounter worrying noises, unusual electronics, a small engine fire, and the cruel delight of watching James trying to drive with a broken arm.”

The programme will also feature Hammond testing a Fiat Abarth 124 Spider at the Grand Tour’s test track.

The show’s decision to film at Loch Ness was hailed by local business leaders as a major boost for the local economy, with The Grand Tour watched all around the world.

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The Grand Tour Boys driving around three old cars? Sign us up! This should be a highly entertaining show. Older Italian cars (any older car that’s not Japanese, really) are typically horrendous for its reliability. Seeing the three struggle with electrical and mechanical issues should be a delight.

As for the Celebrity Brain Crash segment, that surely has not gone away for episode 11:

One of the stunts filmed while the programme was in the Highlands involved Olympic cycling hero Sir Chris Hoy visiting the area.

The Grand Tour features a regular sequence where a celebrity due to be interviewed is killed in outlandish ways while travelling to the tent.

The film crew shot a sequence where a lookalike of the famous cyclist rowed across the loch – before a staged explosion tipped the star into the loch.

This ought to be a great episode to watch, and we’ll be sure to report back our review promptly.

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(Source: The Press And Journal)


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