Iconic Pioneer Cabin Tree Has Fallen Probably Because A Tunnel Was Built In The Middle Of It

You’ve probably seen this tree on your television screen, in commercials or in tv shows, talking about the Sierra Nevada mountain range. This is the tree with a tunnel big enough to fit a car through it. Thanks to the latest winter storm hitting the area, the iconic tree has finally fallen.

The Pioneer Cabin Tree, a sequoia tree which can reach upwards of 250 feet and considered one of the tallest tree species on earth, had a tunnel constructed through it in 1880. Despite the mass removal of its trunk it was a still living tree and was estimated to be over 1000 years old. The combination of high rainfalls and floods made for an unfavorable footing for the strongest winter storm in a decade.

The Calaveras Big Trees Association broke the news on Facebook with the following post:

The rain and floods may have played a big part in the tree’s demise, but we can’t help and think the giant tunnel also had something to do with it.


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