Ford Has A Bold Prediction Of What Cities May Look Like In The Future

Ford just held a round table discussion with Mayors of major cities at the 2017 North American International Auto Show. Mayors like Detroit’s Mike Duggan, Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel, Atlanta’s Kasim Reed, and Columbus’ Andrew Ginther, gathered to discuss the changing demands and lifestyles of today’s consumers against an infrastructure that’s rapidly aging and highly congested. You can watch the hour long discussion in the video embed below if you’re interested. Just take caution that the discussion may feel like political showboating at some points.

Bold Predictions

Besides the discussion, Ford also has a bold prediction of what cities may look like in the future. Those that dislike the idea of fully autonomous cars won’t like this vision very much. But those that can’t wait for the Robot Overlords to take over, Ford’s City Of Tomorrow will make them wish they weren’t born yet.

Just imagine a road system that flows a lot more like water as opposed to today’s constant stop and go rhythm. Imagine a city with more green space that accommodates various forms of transportation, both mass and personal. Finally, imagine an intersection that functions like organized chaos. Sound like a environmentalists’ pipe dream? You bet!

All of these concepts aren’t as far fetched as the flying car visions of yesterday. Technologies like ride sharing, full autonomy, and sensors that talk to the environment, all exist in some form or another. Combining it all together is all within the realm of possibility. There’s just one minor hurdle in this whole grand scheme: Are people ready to give up the pleasure/pain of driving? Are we ready to hand over control of driving to software and sensors in exchange for no accidents and no fossil fuels?

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