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Someone Has Taken The Eboladrome And Already Put It In A Video Game

If you haven’t watched The Grand Tour yet and are able to get it through Amazon Prime, what’s wrong with you? For those of you still waiting, get it in December and watch the whole series. It’s awesome so far.

What’s also awesome is that the boys have a new test track. It’s called the Eboladrome since it looks almost like an exact replica of the Ebola virus, and it looks technically challenging for any car as well. If you’re not familiar with the gaming community, a new racing game called Assetto Corsa has been released recently and in the game is, you guessed it, the Eboladrome. But this is not a track that comes with the game. Some fans have done their own computer coding and modded it, creating their very own version.

Check it out.

That’s some seriously good ingenuity! The track isn’t 100% accurate but this is a damn close representation and we love it. Also, that rig is amazing and we want it. Three monitors for the win.

(Source: YouTube)


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