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We’ve Created A Drinking Game For The Grand Tour. Prepare To Be Wasted.

Whether you love the Grand Tour or hate it, Shifting Lanes has created a way to make the show even better. Instead of just watching the show you can now play an interactive game that includes your passion for beer and other fine spirits and where I come from that’s called a win-win. So without further ado, we are pleased to share our Grand Tour Drinking Game. Please remember to drink responsibly and never drive under the influence.

Take One Sip

  1. When Jeremy Says the:  The World
  2. When May and Hammond side against Jeremy.
  3. Anytime the word communism is mentioned.
  4. Anytime a car is drifted or does a burnout.
  5. Anytime a voice over starts.
  6. When May gets too technical.
  7. When Hammond gets giddier than a kid on Christmas.
  8. When Clarkson insults the country/city they are currently in.

Take Two Sips

  1. A Drone crashes
  2. A celebrity “Dies”
  3. When the words “Grand Tour” are spoken.
  4. When a presenter actually reviews a car.
  5. When a presenter actually drinks on the show.

Drink During

  1. The show’s intro.
  2. The Conversation street intro.
  3. The Celebrity Brain Crash intro.

Finish Your Drink

  1. When a car breaks, crashes, or explodes.
  2. When a presenter is abandoned.
  3. If a car sets the new Eboladrome track record.

With a game like this, The Grand Tour promises to be a very enjoyable weekly tradition. I’m sure the boys would love to give this game a shot and see if they can make it to the end of an episode. So for all you Grand Tour lovers and haters out there be sure to try watching the show with our drinking game, we promise it will be a great time. Also, try not to drive afterwards because you will be hammered.


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