Douchebag Cuts Of Biker And Flips Him Off, But Then Got Served Instant Karma.

Oh man this is awesome. And not awesome in the way that it was dangerous. Just a great revenge taken on another douchebag driver.

This Hyundai i20 pulled out of a gas station dangerously close to this motorcyclist. I mean it’s pretty apparent the drive of the car didn’t stop, looked, and went anyway. We’ve all experienced this at one point of another.

But even after the biker beeps his horn, he sees that the dick head motorists’ wallet was on the roof and fell off. Being the good Samaritan, the biker tried to give the wallet back. That’s when the car’s driver went full douche and got served some well deserved karma.

Lesson here kiddies? Don’t be a total dick. I mean this was a reckless move by both motorists, but just don’t be a dick by cutting people off and these things wont happen.

(Source: YouTube)


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