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This Statement By Jeremy Clarkson Has Animal Rights Activists Upset

The latest Grand Tour episode “Moroccan Roll” had the boys testing a series of hardcore two-seater sports cars in the North African desert. The most prominent portion of the episode was Clarkson’s, Hammond’s, and May’s attempt to once and for all settle the curb-weight score via a rudimentary Weigh-Bridge, where the two-seater sports cars were weighed against the weight of live animals. With much difficulty they failed to get the animals on board the weigh-bridge, in which Jeremy Clarkson replied:

“I think it’s better if I kill them. If they’re dead, they won’t complain.”

This statement and the latest episode has sent many animal rights activists in a rage and got the Green Party’s leader, Jonathan Bartley to respond to The Grand Tour’s antics:

“This apparent senseless slaughter of animals on our TV screens is unacceptable.

“Animals are not television props and Clarkson and his team should apologise for this needless stunt.”

Animal Aid, the UK’s largest animal rights group that campaigns against all forms of animal abuse, had their Director, Isobel Hutchinson, to state:

“Whether or not the animals were actually killed, the sequence shows a total disregard for the value of animals’ lives, suggesting that they can be used and killed for whatever trivial purpose we choose.”

These complaints supplement the groups of people already upset over the fourth episode, “Enviro-Mental”, where Jeremy Clarkson retrofitted a Land Rover with a cow carcass. According to The Daily Star, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) spokesman Mimi Bekheci responded to this episode that Clarkson was:

“a Lady Gaga wannabe with a meat car”.

“While this pompous arse is always desperately vying for attention by trying to offend others, less privileged beings raised for their skin and flesh are suffering in barren industrial sheds.

“PETA and every kind human being hopes that one day Clarkson will put the brakes on cheap and mean stunts such as this one and become a true motorhead, not a meathead.”

In addition to angering animal rights, Amazon has also censored a massive chunk of the “Enviro-Mental” episode for their India release, in fear of upsetting a large portion of the population in the show’s treatment of cows, a sacred animal for many in that area.

We’re not sure what else The Grand Tour has in store in terms of material involving animals but this latest barrage of complaints only supplement the ever growing list of people that’s very upset about the show. What do you, the viewers, think about this latest criticism?

(Sources: Digital Spy & The Daily Star)


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