WATCH: Comcast Repair Truck’s Ignorance Caused A Bunch Of Car Accidents

This one is guaranteed to boil your blood. Not only does Comcast suck at delivering you your cat videos at a reasonable speed and reliability, what they’ve done during this service repair attempt will make you want to immediately drop Comcast as a service provider.

In the video a Comcast Xfiniti repair truck was doing routine service on the side of the road. Given the small two lane road and the presence of a ditch, the repair truck had to be parked blocking the one direction of the road. Cones were set up, seemingly as per their standard operating procedure, to warn oncoming motorists of their presence. However, given the icy conditions, a small hill hindering visibility, and general driver distractions, the small set of cones was not enough to prevent cars from sliding off the road.

Enter good samaritan with a video recorder, which continuously pled with the repair truck’s driver to set up more cones as a precautionary measure. Unfortunately, his pleading was only met with arrogance and unwillingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. Watch the video and prepare to be enraged.


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