These Airless Tires Mean You Will Never Get A Flat Again, Destroy Everything When Offroading

Flat tires blow. Pun EXTREMELY intended. But there’s truth to that statement. It’s not opinion, it’s fact. Flat tires happen at the more inopportune moments and are annoying to change especially if you’re in your Sunday best. But what if flat tires became a thing of the past? Nope, not talking about run flats because those are expensive and total bullshit because they do go flat eventually.

I’m talking about non-pneumatic tires, or airless tires. These have been around for a while as most of an R&D/marketing device, but the applications are endless with these things. The lack of air means that the tires won’t ever go flat. The aggressive tread and stiff, honeycomb interior means the tire is pretty malleable while still holding shape, making it phenomenal for climbing over rocks.

Who else wants a set? Where can I get these!?


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