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One Of The Boys Is Tired Of Promoting The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour is out and in full force. They’ve got several episodes under their belt and have succeeded to smash a streaming record and gave plenty for the BBC to live in fear. However, this doesn’t mean they can stop promoting their show and themselves all over the internet. They do have a side venture called Drivetribe after all.

On a recent visit to WIRED, the Boys went to a studio not for an interview but for a race, a toy car race. From the get go, James May tried his best to hide his This-Is-Utter-Rubbish attitude. Jeremy Clarkson went on as his bombastic self, blowing up over the smallest things, and Richard Hammond tried his best to keep the interview going. While the segment was a bit awkward as James May was quiet and clearly frustrated about the stupid race, there’s still nothing funnier than seeing three middle-aged men play with remote control cars driven via an iPhone.

At the end, May unloads his frustration on the stupid race and dumb toys in the best way that only Captain Slow can.

(Source: WIRED)


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