The World’s Largest Street Legal Engine Sounds Like A World War

This might be a record. The record for the most bad ass thing I’ve ever seen or heard this week? Definitely. The record for the largest street engine? Maybe.

This video out of Denmark is currently blowing my mind because, brace yourself, this measures at a scarcely imaginable 1001 cubic inches. Mother. Of. GOD. That’s 16.5 liters of pure, unadulterated, brutality. The builder is named Peter Thau and he says this thing puts out a whopping 1600 horsepower.

Oh yea, and it sounds like the world is going to end when it revs.

Not only that, but they shoved it in a late model Corvette.

Well that clinches the loudest thing I’ve heard this week. Is this the most badass engine on earth? Possibly. Got anything better? Email it to us, we just might post it.


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