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Jeremy Clarkson Just Took A Dump On The Audi A4 With One Quick Remark

When you’re Jeremy Clarkson, the words you say have some real weight behind it. If you don’t believe that, just take a look at all of the controversies he has generated within the past decade. He has offended Germans by suggesting that their turn signals look like Hitler salutes, he has offended Mexicans by implying they’re lazy and flatulent, and he has also offended Asians as they attempted to cross the river Kwai. And in this latest interview with Business Insider it seems like he may have just offended some Germans and Audi owners.


In this latest interview, Clarkson discussed several things, among them the alternatives to plug-in electric cars, why the Ferrari 488 GTB is a fabulous car, and why the McLaren P1 is too perfect for human beings. But the hilarious part of it has to be when Business Insider’s Benjamin Zhang asked him what he thought of the Audi A4, which Clarkson replied:

I haven’t bothered with it. The last Audi I drove was the TT, which was excellent. I drive a different car every week, why the bloody hell would I make one of them an A4.”

Ouch! One of the best selling Audis, which recently entered its fifth generation (B9) as of 2015 was just relegated to Honda Accord status in one fell swoop. However, don’t take it personally, Audi. The fact that Clarkson thinks your car is boring is a sign that it’s probably very reliable and reasonable for every person on earth. But it’s just not crazy enough for someone like the Jezza.

To read on more about this interview head over to the source.

(Source: Business Insider)


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