WATCH: Bull Damages SUV While Helpless Passengers Wait It Out

A rafter of turkeys attacked my car once. No seriously, a group of turkeys is called a ‘Rafter’ or a ‘Flock’! Look it up, the internet is great! Also, more seriously, a rafter of turkeys attacked my car once! I thought that was a pretty scary event as they surrounded me and my car on my way to work. I was forced to come to a stop because of my fear of accidentally hitting and killing them. And with every inch of my maneuvering to escape their deadly stares, they respond in kind with aggressive gobbling, pecking, and closing in around me. It was a fearful event!

So I can’t help what the passengers in this SUV must have been thinking when this Bull came out of nowhere to ruin these passengers’ day, the driver’s ride, and the driver’s ride’s windshield washer fluid! You can see the strength of the bull as it’s able to lift the front right corner of the car. However, it’s just not strong enough to flip the literally fully loaded SUV.

(Source: YouTube)


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