Upside Down Truck Turns Heads And You Won’t Believe How Much It Cost To Make

We’ve seen an upside down car being raced around for LeMons once before. It wasn’t a pretty sight and it wasn’t particularly fast, as it weighs an equivalent of two junk cars. Now we are seeing a proper upside down project performed by mechanic Rick Sullivan from Clinton, Illinois. His pickup truck, or trucks rather, is a Ford F150 that’s been ripped apart and expertly mounted upside down on a working 1991 Ford Ranger. The truck even has all of the proper safety features like seat belts and side view mirrors.

What’s more amazing is that he accomplished this build for just $6,000 and 6 months worth of time. We know who we’ll be calling when we want to build our upside down Miata!

(Source: YouTube)


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