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Our Favorite OLD Top Gear Moments: #10 – The Africa Special

Since new Top Gear has premiered, whether you liked it or not, it has us nostalgic. Apart from the presenters, the camera work, the story flow, and the overall quality of program is still very consistent. But when you look back on the way the old boys did it, you have a recipe for one of the best shows of all time.

Therefore, as we look forward to the premier of The Grand Tour in the fall, we here at Shifting Lanes will take a look back at some of our favorite TG moments over the years.

Here’s our pick for #10.

TG Special part 1 by MyJMPage

For me, of COURSE this is the first one to make the list. Not the best, but when Hammond showed up in a plucky little WRX, my heart couldn’t help but root for it since I own a 2014 example. Plus, this has one of the greatest lines in all of Top Gear history when Clarkson hears Hammond’s WRX coming.

“Oh. Hang on. That is the throb of a turbocharged, flat-4 engine. A sound which all over the world heralds the imminent arrival of a moron.”

Haha! Love it. Stay tuned for the next part of our list soon.

(Source: Daily Motion)


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