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Our Favorite OLD Top Gear Moments: #8 – The Japanese Adventure

Old Top Gear, you know, the one with those ambitious but rubbish blokes, had an insane amount of adventures. In the same vein, those adventures equaled their quantity in lunacy. They were, to this writer, the highlight of the show itself. They brought the boy together in a way that no other part of the show could. And we profited from it.

The first real big adventure race they did that I can remember was the race across Japan. At the time, the GTR was considered one of the most exotic cars in the world. For the price, the GTR had as much or more technology in it’s aresenal than just about any super or hypercar when this was filmed. Still to this day the GTR impresses.

This film wasn’t only just for show, this was the first time in the series where the race was actually close. We all know Top Gear is scripted, but after this particular adventure happened, everyone on the cast and crew said that it was legitimately the closest one they ever filmed.

So here’s our pick in the top 10 best OLD Top Gear moments: The Japanese Adventure.

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