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Behind The Scenes Look At Top Gear’s Reasonably Fast Car

Series 24 of Top Gear looks to be starting off on the right foot. Critics are glad they’re going back to a simpler format, one of them being the ‘Star In A Reasonably Priced Car’ segment. If you can recall, or bothered to watch series 23 of the rebooted Top Gear, they revamped the iconic Dunsfold Aerodrome track to feature jumps and water segments. Renaming the celebrity driving segment to ‘Star In A Rallycross Car’. The recipe didn’t really work, mostly because the show was a shell of its former self, but also probably because too many things were changing.

Now the segment has changed to a less gimmicky and more interesting ‘Star In A Reasonably Fast Car’ featuring the Toyota GT86. We’ve driven the now defunct Scion version, the Scion FRS, and found it to have the markings of a future classic. Judging from the rear-wheel drive and naturally aspirated nature of the two-door sports car, this segment should be a bit more interesting and fun. But the most important question still remains, will people return to the Top Gear brand?

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