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Top Gear Dog Goes To Heaven

It’s not normal we write about pets passing away on our automotive blog, but given it’s the Top Gear Dog we felt compelled to share it to the world. Being dog owners ourselves we know how hard it can be to see our loyal companions pass on. Dogs make living in this harsh world a lot better. Old Top Gear thought so too. The Top Gear dog joined Clarkson, Hammond, and May all the way back in May 2006 for Top Gear series 8. The Labradoodle passed away on January 11th, 2017 as tweeted by the TG Dog Twitter account (possibly run by Richard Hammond or his family members)

According to Motoringbox Top Gear Dog:

Was later discovered that she absolutely hated cars – and James May possibly – as she threw up on him the first time they met. Unfortunately, it was this hatred of cars which meant that she was retired from the show during Series 9, and lived out the rest of her years on the Hammond estate in Herefordshire.

Top Gear Dog appeared on the show several times and can be seen in the Caravan Challenge below:

Rest in peace, Top Gear Dog. You will be missed by all.

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(Source: Twitter)


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