Madman Combines Beetle and Brat To Form the Brattle

Some car builds beg the question, Why? Usually, when a build is this outlandish the answer is, well why not? Why wouldn’t you combine the rear of a classic Beetle to the front of a Subaru Brat? Well, to be clear I have no idea but this twin engine beast is now for sale in Orlando and you need to buy it.

Combining two cars isn’t a new idea but the builds are always interesting. The benefit of using a rear engined car like the Beetle means this car is now four-wheel drive and theoretically offers better performance. The combined power output should be around 150hp from all 8 cylinders of fury. This car is certainly not fast but it is very interesting. This car could only happen in Florida and I’m glad Dr. Frankstein is still hard at work on new monsters. To be fair this isn’t some hack Top Gear build. The car is freshly painted and looks well built. A lot of people cheap out on the Beetle Brat builds so it’s refreshing to see someone who cares.

Thank you Florida Craigslist for sharing this gem with the world. Ever time I see a Subaru Brat I wish it had the rear from a VW Beetle and today my dream is a reality. The asking price of $7,000 is far too low and this car deserves millions. I’m sure a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and Vodka went into its construction making its value incalculable. If you buy this car please let us come drive it as this is a once in a lifetime build.

Now for some more glorious photos:


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