Ford GT’s Digital Cluster Will Send You To Jail

As if there’s another reason to want the Ford GT. The very limited 3.5 liter V6 twin-turbo EcoBoost Ford GT, which makes 600 horsepower, just got its digital dash shared across the world. This is probably the only way you’ll ever get to see the dash of the American Supercar. If you were able to pass through the incredibly strange application process, have more than $400,000 in cash, have owned another Ford GT in the past, and also have extreme amount of luck and popularity, then you might be lucky enough to own one. For the rest of us Plebeians we have to vicariously experience Ford GT ownership through the magic of the interwebs.

The Ford GT’s digital cluster reminds us a lot of the Honda S2000 dashboard: Simple but highly informative. The critical information like engine RPM and speed displayed digitally, front and center. The Ford GT’s display shares the same level of simplicity but reorganizes the essentials in different formats depending on driving modes

Normal Mode

The Ford GT’s “Normal Mode” digital cluster puts the vehicle speed front and center. At normal driving scenarios you might be less distracted and capable of consuming more information than usual.

Wet Mode

The Ford GT’s “Wet Mode” is similar to the normal mode, but adds just a hint of wet sheen in the numbers and some reflection. They claim the visual differences will help you focus that it’s wet outside, if the rain didn’t already indicate that.

Sport Mode

In “Sport Mode” the gear and velocity information swaps places. The gear information is also displayed in larger letters while the engine speed gets a yellow border highlight.

Track Mode

The supercar’s “Track Mode” enhances its sport mode by adding red highlights while also displaying other critical information like oil pressure and oil temperature. Gas tank levels has been changed to a percentage rather than the depleting gauge type of the other modes. This is probably so you can relay the information to your race team when you should come in for a pit stop. Yeah, that must be it.

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V-Max Mode

If you end up going to jail, this is your reason why. The Velocity-Max mode puts the velocity front and center while the usual tachometer becomes a progress bar for maximum speed. You also see the turbo pressure information so you can ensure you shift properly and stay in the boost. So when the officer pulls you over you should just say: “But officer, I was just trying to make the yellow thingy go all the way to the right.”

Check out Ford GT’s digital cluster in action below

(Source: Ford Performance)


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